Going Round!

We have started making round pieces!  I would like to showcase two of my newest creations.

The first item is an 8' round white acrylic back drop.  This piece can be made either as a pair of free standing half circles that butt up to each other or I can hinge the two halves together so they fold into one solid piece.

Either design allows for the piece to free stand.  For outdoor use, bags or weights are advised to hold it in place. This unit is made from 1/4" thick translucent white acrylic, which means light can pass through it so you can back light it to get different colored looks.  It is made from all acrylic, no wood base, and weights about 50 lbs when finished.

The other round item, is one of the hottest trends in weddings today.  The Round Doughnut wall!

This is a small table top version. It measures 32" diameter and has (27) 1/2" diameter poles for hanging a few dozen doughnuts from. 

Made of a sturdy 1/4" thick acrylic, the wall can either free stand on a table or you can purchase my clear acrylic easel to make the set-up complete. Easel sold seperatly.

Please contact me for additional details or questions on these items!

As Seen In...

The Button Line Deluxe Bar Cart by Matthew James Designs was recently featured in an article on TheEveryGirl.com. The pictured piece is 32" long x 15" wide x 38" high in clear with polished brass accents. Since each and every piece is custom made, we can do this bar cart in just about any size to suit your space. It is also available a variety of other acrylic colors and finishes and with polished chrome/silver accents instead of brass. Contact us for available colors and for a quote on your specific dimensions.

                                        *Photograph courtesy of Emilia Jane Photography.

Featured Item: Gold Mirror Wedding Set

This is one of the more stunning designs I make.   The mirrored acrylic structure is available for purchase or for rent ( rentals to customers in the NE only) and is a true one-of-a-kind piece that will make an amazing statement at any wedding.

If you are a florist, planner or rental company this unit will pay for itself in 2 rentals.  If you are a bride looking to get married and want one of these beautiful structures it's a good bet I can point you to a local venue who has purchased one already and looking to rent it.

Easy to decorate, easy to transport, store and set up, this unit has all the facets needed to be used regularly and never look the same twice.

Featured Item: Acrylic C Tables

Check out the "C" style table!  This design makes a great side table and fits perfectly under the couch to use as a food table, game table or just someplace to keep the remote and glasses.

It's made from a solid 3/4" thick clear acrylic, this table is as sturdy as it is beautiful.  It will stand up to nearly any thing you need to put on it and our high end acrylic is guaranteed not to yellow or frost for 25+ years so it is built to last.


The standard size for this table is 24" high x 12" wide x 12" deep.  Custom sizing is always available but may delay the order and effect costs.

A shelf may also be added onto this design but this design does not ship well with a shelf so it's not advised if you need to have the piece shipped.