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Craft Night - Building with Acrylic

Matthew James Designs has been making hand crafted Acrylic pieces for over 10 years !

Now, for the first time, artist Matthew James will be opening his shop to teach you the handcrafted techniques that has made him nationally renowned in the Acrylic industry.

Classes will be starting Wednesday nights in June 2022. You can sign up to learn how to make one of three design sets for your home in the same shop as Matthew. Each class will be approximately 2 hours and it will teach you the process of building and finishing your own custom pieces.

Classes are limited to 15 people per night, cost is $ 125 per class, which is less than the value of the pieces you are keeping. Sign up now for one of our exceptional custom Acrylic classes. 

The classes will be located at: 370 Oak Ridge Rd, Oak Ridge NJ 07438
Please arrive shortly before the starting time.

Register below or email to matthewjamesdesigns@gmail.com.
After registering in the form, purchase the ticket at the bottom of this page as well for admission.
Registration will be open to ages 15 and up and snacks and beverages will be served; you may bring your own drinks if you desire(alcoholic beverages for guests 21 or older).

Reminder: it is $125 per session.
We will be in touch with you to confirm your registration and date as well as to confirm your piece selection.
Admission Purchase
for one session
$125 per person
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