10" Groovy Neon Drip Shelf, Decorative Wall Shelf, - 10"L x 6"D x 4.25"H



You are going to  love this 10" Groovy Neon Drip Shelf!  A fun and groovy new design made with our state of the art CNC machine. These Bright Color Acrylic Decorative Wall Shelves will add flair and character to any room in your space. Hang them on your wall using our pre-drilled holes and your wall becomes art! Sold individually, in your choice of 15 bright colors or clear.

Hand crafted in the USA by a master of the craft

No assembly required, ready to hang

Dimensions: 10"w x 6"d x 4.25"h

Due to the handcrafted nature of our pieces, each one is unique and no two are ever exactly alike. Each piece will be made to order in your exact size specifications. You are ordering a hand made piece of furniture “art” and as such, some minor imperfections in the folds, seams, and/or connections are to be expected. While we strive to make each piece as perfectly as possible, we cannot control certain aspects of how acrylic responds to the handcrafted processes. Every piece will be fully functional for its intended use and made to the size desired.
Please be sure to read my user profile to better understand what to expect from your hand crafted acrylic piece.

Cleaning and care for your 14" Groovy Neon Drip Shelf :
Keeping your acrylic piece clean is important to keeping it looking good, and like with glass, Acrylic has to be treated a little bit different. Acrylic is much stronger, more durable and has a higher clarity than glass, but it will break and can be damaged if mishandled.
Do not use common household ammonia based products. Common spray cleaners have chemicals which will react with the acrylic and create a fog or can leach into the acrylic causing cracks from within. Do not use paper towels as these can leave small scratches on the acrylic. The best way to clean it is with a microfiber cloth and warm water. Use a dry microfiber cloth afterward to avoid streaks. Plastic polishes like Novus, Pasti-care and other brands are commonly available on line and are very good for keeping your acrylic looking good as new. Repair compounds are also available for removing minor scratches and scuffs. Amazon has kits available.

This item ships UPS Ground to most areas of the USA


Additional information

Shelf Color

Neon Edge Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Cobalt Blue, Smokey Grey, Black, Neon Orange, Opaque Cyan, Rose Red, Purple, Opaque White, Frosted, Clear

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