6' acrylic round back drop - 72"T x 72"W ; free standing design - Hand Crafted in the United States


1 in stock


This listing is for one of the more trendy designs of our times, the 6' round back drop wall.
Made from a 1/4" thick acrylic, the white back drop is made from a translucent white which allows light to come through it in different shades. Unit can also be made in black acrylic.
The wall is made as two free standing half circles that clamp together in the back to make a full 6' round circle , cut flat at 6" up .
Each half wall is 36"W x 72"H and has a 12" deep base which allows you to add counter weight at the base for any weight you put on top.
2" spring clamps are provided to hold the unit together.

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