Acrylic Desert Wall / Shelf unit - fully modular, removable shelves mount in different heights and configurations. Hand Crafted in the U.S.A


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This is a brand new design from the leader in Acrylic Wedding and event decorations.
This fully acrylic wall is made with a pair of 8" sq x 80" high pillars, open top, open bottom. Each pillar has channels mounted to the side that allow a removable wall to mount between them. The wall, sized 24"W x 48"H , has 8 rows of holes to accommodate the 12" long or 24"L removable shelves that easily mount with small nuts/bolt assembly.
Each shelf is 6" deep with a 4" back flange and can mount either direction to vary the spacing between shelves from 4" to 10"
Total size when assembled is 40"W x 80"H
Structure made from 1/4" thick clear acrylic

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