Acrylic Folded Corner wall shelf - 11.25"D x 16"W x 2"H - 1/4" acrylic - Neon Colors and Clear acrylic available - USA made



NEW PRODUCT DESIGN!!!   Acrylic Folded Corner wall shelf
Hand crafted to order

This listing is for a cool new look that is great in any home. The acrylic folded corner wall shelf comes in one of many different colors.
Standard depth is 12" and needs no hardware other than screws to mount to your wall.

This listing is for an 12" Corner shelf.  See photo drawing for all measurements.

The edges of the neon acrylic glow in low light and are stunning in any light., The images do not do justice to the vibrant finish of this classy looking shelf.

Due to the handcrafted nature of our pieces, each one is unique and no two are ever exactly alike. Each piece will be made to order in your exact size specifications. You are ordering a hand made piece of furniture “art” and as such, some minor imperfections in the folds, seams, and/or connections are to be expected. While we strive to make each piece as perfectly as possible, we cannot control certain aspects of how acrylic responds to the handcrafted processes. Every piece will be fully functional for its intended use and made to the size desired.

To clean your new acrylic shelf we always recommend our clients purchase a product called Novus for care of the acrylic pieces.  Novus 1 is for everyday cleaning, Novus 2 is for light scratches and Novus 3 is for heavier scratches.  All three can be found on Amazon.


Additional information


Neon Edge Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Cobalt Blue, Smokey Grey, Black, Neon Orange, Opaque Cyan, Rose Red, Purple, Opaque White, Frosted, Clear

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