Acrylic Riser- laptop / monitor stand : 18”L x 9”H x 10”D in 1/2" acrylic - Custom sizing welcome Hand crafted in the USA!!



This listing is for an acrylic riser - Laptop - Monitor stand sized at 18" wide x 9"High x 10"Deep
It is made from a sturdy 1/2" thick clear acrylic with crystal clear polished edges and smooth , sleek fold lines.
Great for computer risers, shelves or even to mount strip lighting to for better Laptop lighting.

As with all my pieces each is made to order so I can make this design in nearly any size you need so feel free to reach out with any custom needs.

This design also makes a great riser for a display.

While I can assure you that each stool will be made to size and the edges crystal clear, there may be some crazing on some of the folds to some extend or another. Crazing is caused by the acrylic cooling while it's folded and while it will not be highly visible on all folds, it's a good bet it will be visible on some part of one or both folds. This is purely a visual effect and has no bearing on the use of the stool.
If you need a perfect, flawless piece, please do not purchase from me. This will be made in the size listed for the purpose intended, but flawless is not guaranteed on any of my pieces and refunds/returns will not be approved due to visual imperfections on the folds.

Due to the handcrafted nature of our pieces, each one is unique and no two are ever exactly alike. Each piece will be made to order in your exact size specifications. You are ordering a hand made piece of furniture “art” and as such, some minor imperfections in the folds, seams, and/or connections are to be expected. While we strive to make each piece as perfectly as possible, we cannot control certain aspects of how acrylic responds to the handcrafted processes. Every piece will be fully functional for its intended use and made to the size desired.
Please be sure to read my user profile to better understand what to expect from your hand crafted acrylic piece.


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