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The Kitty Corner

On Sale till 12-15-2020, get in time for Christmas!!

If you are a cat lover but Kitty loves to scratch your furniture, well then I have the product for you.
The Kitty corner is a hand formed 1/8" thick acrylic guard that is 24" high and 3.5" wide on each side. I also have 18" high for lower sides
The double layer base fits under nearly any piece of furniture and fits snugly against your couch, chair, bed.
If it does not fit your needs "contact me" and I would be happy to discus custom needs.

This listing is for a set of (2) kitty corner guards, either 24" or 18" or one of each

considering the cost of furniture , this is a great investment to protect it for life.

These can also be made to cover entire sides of furniture as well as furniture arms and mattresses on beds. Feel free to reach out for your custom needs

How to get a FREE Set of Kitty Corners
IN an effort to better market my product I am looking for (25) people to market the Kitty corner on a Social network page for Cat owners. To participate, purchase a set from my ETSY store at listed price. Once you return to me a picture of the product in use along with a screen shot of your post on a Social Network site for cats with more then 2500 followers, and I will fully refund you for the purchase and shipping. A link to my ETSY page for the product needs to be included in the listing. There are a lot of cat lover sites on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and such, Let's get this great product out there for others to use.
Please leave a message in the comment section when you purchase indicating that you will be participating in the promotion so I can monitor your order .


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